Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources (FAFNR) is the leading faculty of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in research and development. It cooperates with many research institutes at home and abroad. Students are involved in Faculty research and acquire knowledge and experience in modern scientific methods and approaches.


Our Faculty offers a three-tier education system at the BSc, MSc, and PhD levels. BSc studies are offered in two different schemes: “job-oriented” BSc programs (designed for the achievement of practical skills for those who want to gain employment after studies) and the ”theoretically oriented” BSc for those who want to continue onto MSc studies. The Faculty offers 20 BSc, 18 MSc, and 7 PhD study programs in the Czech language and 2 BSc, 3 MSc, and 7 PhD programs fully taught in English. Tuition fee varies from 10,000,- CZK (400,- EUR) up to 80,000,- CZK (approx. 3000,- EUR) per academic year. 


As the  University  is  a member  of  the Euroleague  for  Life  Sciences  (ELLS) Universities,  students  of  the  Faculty  can  attend  the  international  ELLS  student conferences and other events during their bachelor and master studies.

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