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Our students won several prizes at the ELLS 2023 conference held at University of Hohenheim

Our students Ing. Lucie Štvrtňová and Ing. Daria Musiienko won several prizes at the ELLS 2023 conference held at University of Hohenheim. 

Influence of Abiotic and Biotic Stressors on Plant Properties 2023

The International Conference "Influence of Abiotic Stressors on Plant Traits 2023" - September 13 and 14

Climate change threat to European production of aroma hops

Rising temperatures and droughts in recent years have caused – and will continue to cause – reduced yields of aromatic hops in traditional European hop-growing regions.

XVII European Ichthyological Congress

The XVII European Ichthyological Congress was held under the auspices of the European Ichthyological Society (EIS) from 4 to 8 September 2023

Looking back at the Hortibotic Field Day in Troja

Looking back at the Hortibotic Field Day in Troja - 30th August 2023.

Hands-on Science,15th August 2023

Four-day course for students 3rd and 4th years of high school and grammar school

Excursion with double degree students

An excursion of Erasmus+ students studying at the faculty in the Double Degree Master's programme Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security took place on 5th June 2023. 

Workshop“Weed Vegetation and Biodiversity”

From 10 to 12 May, 2023 was held the workshop of the European Weed Research Society working group “Weed Vegetation and Biodiversity”

Visit from South Korean provincial government of Jeju Island

Delegation from the Republic of Korea led by the President of South Korea's self-governing Jeju province Mr An Jaehong visited our faculty on April 14, 2023.

News from University

Join the National Food Collection as part of GIVING TUESDAY

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague also supports the National Food Collection on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of Generosity and Good Deeds Giving Tuesday. You can also participate in the autumn round through the company fundraiser. Not only food is needed, but also drugstore goods.

International Students' Day and Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

The Czech University of Life Sciences commemorates International Students' Day and the 34th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. These two key events are connected by their historical relevance and commitment to the values of freedom, education, and a society based on democratic principles.

CZU commemorates the 105th anniversary of the founding of independent Czechoslovakia

The creation of independent Czechoslovakia on 28th October 1918 was an important historical milestone that laid the foundations of a free and democratic state. The 105th anniversary of this event also reminds us of other values that are key to our university, i.e., education, innovation and sustainability.

The traditional fish harvest of Vyžlovka pond will be an experience for both young and old this year

On Saturday, 4th November, CZU Forests (Lesy ČZU) is organizing a traditional fish harvest at Vyžlovka pond (Vyžlovský rybník). Visitors can expect an exciting spectacle and the possibility of buying fresh fish and entertainment for the whole family.

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