A gold medal at the International Salon of Invention and Innovative Entrepreneurship

A certified methodology developed by scientists from the Department of Agroecology and Crop Production, won first prize for a team effort at the International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Entrepreneurship that took place in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on October 13 and 14, 2023.


This methodology introduces the latest information technologies and their applications in agriculture, including decision support systems, crop simulation models, and other digital tools. The methodology was designed to address regional level challenges facing crop production and other issues associated with agriculture, natural resource management, cropping systems, and food security as well as including challenges brought by climate change and climate variability.

The publication offers users supplementary material that will enable them to respond to the demands of a changing climate. The methodology is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part summarizes basic information about crop production simulations, water and nutrient management, climate risks, and environmental sustainability. The practical part presents procedures for working in the DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer) program.

Certified methodology  - available for download (in the Czech language).


Modelling the impacts of concurrent climate events on growth, development and yield parameters of thermophilic vegetables and rapeseed in the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer – DSSAT.

Authors: Potopová, V., Muntean, N., Chawdhery, M., Trifan, T., Zehnálek, P., Soukup, J., Potop, I., Zahradníček P., Možný, M.  2023. Modelování dopadů sdružených klimatických událostí na růst, vývoj a výnosové parametry polních teplomilných zelenin a řepky olejné v systému pro podporu rozhodování v oblasti transferu agrotechnologií – DSSAT. PRACTICAL METHODOLOGY - Certificatin method. 
[Modeling the impacts of combined climatic events on the growth, development and yield parameters of field thermophilic vegetables and oilseed rape in the decision support system in the field of agrotechnology transfer - DSSAT].  Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze. 1-105 p.
ISBN 978-80-213-3284-3. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31887.56486.

 Aim of the methodology is to present an assessment of the impact of projected climate development on the production of vegetables using climate and growth models including experimental work to predict the development of the production process of thermophilic vegetables. The study also examined the performance of three winter canola varieties, Temptation, Architect and Sněžka, at three different experimental sites under current and projected climatic conditions. The methodology is based on the integration of growth models, regional climate models including experimental work to predict the evolution of the production process of thermophilic vegetables and yield parameters of the new tested rapeseed varieties in the context of climate change. The soil-plant-atmosphere growth model system included in the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) was applied for the research on thermophilic vegetables and rapeseed, the outputs of which were validated by experiments under field conditions. The methodology illustrates the need for stronger linkages between experiments and growth models, from problem definition to validation and the addressing of new research questions. For the first time, the capability of models for the CROPGRO-Tomato, CROPGRO-Papper and CROPGRO-Canola to simulate the growth, development and yield parameters of thermophilic vegetables (the hybrid tomato variety TORNÁDO F1 and the hybrid pepper variety Superamy F1) and three rapeseed varieties (Architect, Temptation and Sněžka) were studied under different soil and climatic conditions in the Czech Republic

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