Workshop“Weed Vegetation and Biodiversity”

From 10 to 12 May, 2023, the workshop of the European Weed Research Society working group “Weed Vegetation and Biodiversity” was held at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

The meeting was organized by the Department of Agroecology and Biometeorology of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, and by the Group Functional Diversity of Insects and Plants in Agroecosystems of the Crop Research Institute. The meeting consisted of 43 researchers and PhD students from 18 countries (e.g. Germany, Israel, France, USA, Canada, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey etc.), covering topics such as regional weed changes, population dynamics, management factors influencing species composition, importance of weeds in food webs, and quantifying the benefits of arable biodiversity. Participants were able to taste Czech products made by the university and enjoy the facilities of the MCEVII building, with its open spaces and rooftop garden.

The visitors appreciated the easy access to city while being surrounded by fields and going for walks in the botanical garden. For a true Czech experience, participants took an afternoon excursion to Lupofyt Ltd., which grows hops among other typical Czech crops. 

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