Opening of the Food Processing Training Center

Opening ceremony

The long-awaited opening of the Food Processing Training Center (FPTC) of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources (FAPPZ) took place on 28 June in the morning.

The opening remarks and the ceremonial ribbon cutting were given by the Rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences Petr Sklenička, the Dean of the FAPPZ Josef Soukup, the Minister of Agriculture Zdeněk Nekula, the Director of the FPTC David Farský, the President of the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries Dana Večeřová and the representative of the company PKS Jaroslav Kladiva, which realized the construction. The speakers emphasized in particular the huge potential of the new pavilion in the field of student education and the development of new technologies.

Dean of FAPPZ Soukup mentioned, among other things, the prestigious DRIFTFOOD project, which is being launched at the faculty under the leadership of globally respected expert Prof. Constantinos Stathopoulos in order to build a top research centre of advanced technologies for high-quality, safe and sustainable regional food production.

The training centre consists of a total of six food processing facilities, which focus on meat processing, dairy products, bakery and confectionery production, fruit and vegetable processing, beer production and oil pressing. In addition to the above-mentioned technologies, the building also houses a sensory laboratory, a nutritional counselling room, a gastropub and a craft shop.

The interest in seeing the premises of the centre, which is a unique project not only in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe, was huge. Guided tours of the pavilion were held until late in the afternoon. In addition, almost five hundred visitors had the opportunity to taste the delicious products produced in the pavilion at a tasting buffet.

From the new school year onwards, the Learning Centre will be used primarily for students, who will not only get a glimpse of the food processing plants, but also get to know the individual technologies personally as part of their internship. We look forward to the new production processes and knowledge that the FPTC will bring.

ČZU Podcast

The new pavilion of the Food Processing Training Center of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources was built on the premises of the Czech University of Life Sciences. It is a unique project not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Central Europe. The building brings together 6 food processing plants, but you will also find a craft shop. What is the benefit for students and what is so unique about this project worth more than 400 million Czech crowns? And what can we find in the bowels of the pavilion? Today's guest of the Podcast plný života (Podcast full of life) Ing. David Farský, who is the director of the newly created centre, will tell you all about it.

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