Excursion with double degree students

An excursion of Erasmus+ students studying at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources in the Double Degree Master's programme Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security took place on 5th June 2023. 

The students visited two food processing companies in Pilsen and its surroundings. They experienced a traditional sauerkraut production at the Lobkowicz Cabbage Factory in Křimice near Plzeň, which is an unusual specialty for students, however is typically Czech. They got a glimpse into the process of fermenting cabbage in larch vats, a process considered to be unique in Europe. Larch vats gives sauerkraut its unique and unrepeatable taste and is full of vitamins and minerals. The students also visited the storage area and the packaging line. This visit was followed by a tour of the modern operation of the Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery, during which they learned about the history and production of the world-famous and very popular Czech lager.

The excursion included a visit to the historical centre of Pilsen, namely the gothic St. Bartholomew's Cathedral on the Republic Square and the Great Synagogue, the largest synagogue in the Czech Republic and the second largest in Europe.

The excursion supported the foreign students in their integration into practical teaching, university life, the Czech environment and culture.

The Double Degree program allows students to study two compatible degree programs simultaneously in two different countries, at the end of which they receive two academic diplomas. Currently, five students from the University of Pisa in Italy are studying the Double Degree programme at the Faculty.

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