COST Action CA17109

První meeting pracovních skupin v rámci akce "COST – „DAMOCLES - Porozumění a modelování sdružených klimatických a meteorologických událostí“. Meeting proběhne v termínu 17. - 18.12. 2018


Dept. of Agroecology and Crop Production is proud to host the first Working Group meeting of the newly approved COST Action CA17109 “Understanding and modeling compound climate and weather events” (DAMOCLES). Compound events are events where the combination of multiple physical processes leads to an impact. Climate change alters many of these processes and their interaction, making risk projections difficult. DAMOCLES brings together climate scientists, impact modellers, statisticians, and stakeholders from all over Europe to better understand, describe and project compound events, and foresees a major breakthrough in future risk assessments. In the first Working Group meeting, taking place 17./18.12. at CZU, the tasks of the five main Working Groups of DAMOCLES will be defined and a roadmap for the next four years will be discussed.

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