The ERASMUS+ Programme is the largest programme for European cooperation in the field of university education.

The main target groups of the ERASMUS programme are students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Students can obtain a grant to study in any participating country for 3-12 months, and teachers and other university staff have the opportunity to receive a grant within the exchange of teachers, joint preparation of study programmes and training or shadowing employees.

Currently, our faculty has more than 80 bilateral agreements with the European universities, and every semester receives more than 120 international students and sends 30 to 40 of our own students for studies abroad.

Conditions and detailed information for applicants in the Erasmus+ programme can be found at the web of International relations office of FAFNR and CULS (forms and deadlines).

Selection of applicants (students) for Erasmus+ exchange

Every year in spring, a student selection process is organized, which takes into consideration their language skills and study results to ensure that the applicant is capable of studying abroad without serious difficulties.

Terms of the competition are announced in the News section of the faculty web and students are notified by e-mail as well.

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