Conditions of teaching since February 7

Dean´s Instruction about the conditions of teaching in summer semester 2021/2022

In consideration of the unfavourable epidemic situation, the high number of persons in quarantine at the Faculty and the entire ČZU and in order to ensure the quality of teaching, I am modifying the conditions of teaching at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources in accordance with paragraph 8 of the Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Rector for Education with effect from 7th  February 2022 as follows:

  1. For full-time studies, the first three weeks of the semester (from 7. 2. to 27. 2. 2022) will be conducted by a combination of remote form of teaching and independent teacher-led student work. 
  2. Lectures will be delivered remotely, but not from recordings, but synchronously in teacher-student interaction.   
  3. During the first three weeks of the semester, practical teaching will also be carried out in a remote form with direct interaction of the lecturers with the students, such as practicing the material from lectures, assignment and consultation of projects and essays, demonstration of laboratory procedures, etc.     
  4. From February 28, 2022, onwards, teaching (lectures and practical teaching) will be fully in person, unless otherwise specified.
  5. Part-time study will be implemented in a hybrid form – first consultations will take place remotely; next ones and block training on scheduled dates will be held in person. 
  6. Teachers will preferably use the MS Teams and LMS Moodle platforms for teaching.
  7. Practical training will be conducted on site according to schedule. 

Prague, 3. 2. 2022
Prof. Ing. Josef Soukup, CSc., Dean, FAFNR

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